Wednesday, February 9, 2011


After some thought and talking, we've decided to try a blog instead of a website for WorshipFest. It's exciting for us, considering we've never done a blog before. As most of you know, Shawn and I absolutely love what WorshipFest means and what better way to share everything than this??
The most exciting news is that we have started planning a WorshipFest event for 2011! It's already in the works! Details coming soon!
We hope to update the blog every week! Sometimes more! Shawn or me will sign at the bottom so you'll know who's talking, but you'll probably be able to tell:)
Please "follow us" if you have a blog so you will always get the updates. We'll post them on Facebook as well.

Thanks for reading!! We're so excited about what God is going to do!
Our God is Mighty to Save!!